When people mention the name Louis Vuitton Australia, you may often think of brown handbags with a golden LV pattern or expensive accessories. The LV pattern has become a well-known pattern in the fashion industry and is often replicated, due to its popularity. Although the Louis Vuitton brand is primarily known for handbags and purses, the brand does include shoes, clothes and accessories as well. The name Louis Vuitton is not a fictional name that has been chosen to represent a fashion brand. The name Louis Vuitton is the name of the actual creator of the line of luggage and travel bags. In the early 1830s, Vuitton got a job in Paris, France. He walked from his home town to Paris, which Louis Vuitton Purses was a distance of more than 250 miles. Along the walk, he picked up a few random jobs to pay for the journey, one of which was with household items. It was this hands-on experience that gave Vuitton the expertise to design and create good traveling luggage and bags. The knowledge he had gained on his travels in France was the solid base for the popular LV Company known today. The History of the Louis Vuitton Company It was in the early years of the Louis Vuitton Company that the famous Louis Vuitton Wallet monogram was designed. It was called the Monogram Canvas and was launched in the late 1890s. The monogram also included quatrefoils and flowers, which has become the popular LV pattern found on many LV handbags and luggage. The Louis Vuitton label grew over the years, calling for a rebranding method in the late 1950s. Although the company decided to keep the popular LV monogram, it was adjusted slightly to make it more usable for purses, wallets and daily wear, rather than travel bags. Marc Jacobs joined the Louis Vuitton Company in 1997 with the goal of designing a classic and timeless clothing line for both men and women. Marc Jacobs stayed with the company and collaborated with Stephen Sprouse, which included adding a level of graffiti on the popular and classic LV monogram bags. The Louis Vuitton Outlet design was made available to the public in pink and neon green. The monogram bags can also be found with a cherry blossom pattern. This feature was published in 2003, due to the LV expansion to Tokyo. It was here that Marc Jacobs decided to collaborate with Takashi Murakami, who offered a multi-colored monogram to the LV line. In 2008, the brand created a handbag line that removed the LV monogram from its purses and replaced it with a simple square pattern. The two main features include a white and grey pattern purse and a dark brown with light brown patterned handbag. This design is called the Damier pattern and was launched to appeal to the more masculine LV audience. Although Louis Vuitton Sale has an expansive and progressive history, it is the LV monogram developed in the late 1890s that is the core of the LV brand today. It is this monogram and pattern that is the driving force behind consumer purchases, along with being the most valuable brand in the fashion industry. One of the reasons why consumers enjoy the LV brand is because of its flexibility. It can be used through every season and comes in smaller purses and larger handbags for personal winter accessories, for example. Due to its popularity and flexibility, the brand is the most copied and counterfeited brand when it comes to handbags and purses. If the design is not directly copied, the overall monogram designed is often copied, where the LV design is exchanged with a similar design. So be careful when you go buy a Louis Vuitton handbag, as the copies of counterfeited Louis Vuitton Belts is continuously growing due to the brand’s popularity.

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